cargo records distributes scratchy in the UK

ILM hmm.. independent music sold direct to the listener in real time.. it’ll never work !

katy carr magikal songstress and future head of the UN

nigel of bermondsey SE london-centric songwriter and producer extraordinaire

resonance fm  radio heavenance

mark eitzel napoleon is alive and well and living in san francisco

best flyer ever ?

kingshavelongarms eccentronic unpopular music. his words

chadmccail confused ? diagrams can help. here’s another

nikki sudden RIP

apple rabbits folktronica dreamer jay fisher and his

artrocker remember the original email version back in 2002/3/4 ? classic stuff

bill viola king video

charles bukowski reads ‘a last shot on two good horses’

wet dog the fall with tunes in a dada riot girl sauce. yummm

gbv ‘you could never be strong, you can only be free’

3BC colin makes cds

barack obama speechtastic

last harbour hello dave

DIY if in doubt release it yourself
don justo if in doubt build it yourself

the airlab matt spork says jerome at the airlab mastering has got good ears. matt’s usually right about these things

special needs much missed acton mobsters

ant 78 x 21 x burt bacharach

jeff soan it’s wood and it’s wobbly

aidan clooke used to drum for the rocks.. what’s he up to now ?

suzanne rhatigan she’s sung with jeff buckley you know

the admiral got a yacht ? need a captain ?

crystal stilts hypnotic sonic bliss

papas con el mar me bruvinlaw made dis choon. reshpect !